For businesses and organisations that have a car park where time limits may be a problem Northern Parking Services can offer our state of the art ANPR camera system that monitors timed overstays on your car park.

Cameras are placed at both the entrance and the exits of your car park, then any vehicle that enters the car park is logged, once the vehicle leaves and if the said vehicle overstays beyond a stipulated time the details are sent automatically to our control room, Failure to pay a parking charge notice within 28 days may result in the vehicles keeper details being requested from the DVLA.

Otherwise, detail may be requested immediately so that a notice can be sent to the keeper. Northern Parking Services then sends out a notification with photos showing where the offence took place. Enforcement action may incur additional costs that will be added to the value of the parking charge and for which you will be liable on an indemnity basis.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is highly effective both as a parking management tool and an enforcement tool. Northern Parking Services have considerable experience in the installation and operation of the latest systems. NPS believe that the implementation of an automated car park management system/service would provide shopping centres with an economical and effective solution.

Specifically, the service would provide the following benefits:

  • Car park management
  • Parking overstay management
  • Automated warnings of unwanted or unauthorised vehicles
  • Automated distribution delivery / collection
  • Conducting traffic and parking flow surveys
  • Site access control
  • Enhancing site security
  • Reducing staffing costs
  • Creating revenue
  • Traffic surveys
  • Customer service support

The NPS ANPR solution captures the movement of all vehicles entering and exiting your car park and transmits this information to a central system. This system continuously processes the information against defined parameters for your car parking facility. Any vehicles found to be contravening parking conditions will be identified using the DVLA registered keeper database and a Parking Charge Notice will be posted to the owner, thus avoiding conflict on site. As part of the service a dedicated in-house customer support team is available to deal with appeals.

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