Self Enforcement

Self Enforcement

How does it work?

You create a legally enforced controlled parking zone around the area you want to protect. You do this by displaying our warning signs in clear and prominent places around the parking area and at the entrances. Once you have put up your signs, and sent us photographic evidence of where they are, you can start to report offenders. The set-up guide you receive with your signs tells you how to do this.

Where can i use NPS Self enforcement?

Any off-street parking: for example, forecourts, housing associations, commercial and residential property, private landlords, retail parks, shopping centres, colleges and universities, doctor’s surgeries, property managing agents, pubs and offices.

How do I issue tickets?

Take a picture of the vehicle in its offending position. Log in to our website and click on account & follow the information. Upload the photograph. That’s it. We will then issue a parking charge notice by post to the vehicle’s owner within two working days. The enforcement process will follow and we will pursue any unpaid tickets using an approved credit-control agency.

What does it cost?

NPS Self-Enforcement costs as little as £9.99 per month. This includes Signage and NPS processing the tickets including court action if necessary.

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